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USB Device Development and Wireless USB Device Development

Binary Technologies, Inc.  has 25 years experience developing products based on embedded microcontrollers, particularly with the Intel 8051 and its derivatives. We are specialists in USB device development using most manufacturer’s USB and Wireless USB Microcontrollers. We develop USB 1.X and 2.0 device hardware and firmware as well as USB Host PC APIs.

Binary Technologies, Inc. is certified with Cypress MicroSystems as consultants for their USB and Wireless USB product family and their new generation PSoC microcontroller family.

The Cypress FX and FX2 microcontroller and Wireless USB product families are powerful, fully integrated USB Microcontrollers that provide low cost and rapid time-to-market solutions.

The PSoC is great for high integration analog & digital embedded micro applications. We feel PSoC is one of the best of the new generation microcontrollers. One of the support programs Cypress MicroSystems is promoting PSoC seminars hosted by their certified consultants. We are available to do PSoC seminars under this program.

Binary Technologies, Inc. is highly experienced with other new generation 8051 based microcontrollers, most notably Silicon Laboratories 80C51F12X series high-MIPS “System on a Chip” microcontrollers and 80C51F32X high-MIPS USB engine. These devices are fantastic alternatives to RISC microcontrollers due to their high speed (up to 100 MIPS), high level of system integration and compatibility with industry standard tools.


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